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  • When aging bodies need extra attention . . .

    Elders and Their Care An empathetic and comprehensive look at care of the aging
  • Now more than ever!

    Nevada: Bioterrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction For those who first receive
    mass casualties in established healthcare facilities
  • Has your state legalized medical marijuana? Are you ready?

    Marijuana for Medical Use Come up to speed on the therapeutic benefits of cannabis as it becomes legally available in a changing political climate
  • Try a course from our new pharmacotherapy curriculum!

    Statins: Controlling Cholesterol Pharmacology professor Mark Nichols reviews indications and precautions for statins
  • Never, EVER shake a baby!

    KY: Shaken Baby Syndrome For Kentucky healthcare professionals—and all
    the rest of us who care
    about babies!
  • Do men get depressed?

    Depression: Gender Matters Turns out we've been describing depression the way women experience it. Take a fresh look!
  • Does your state mandate a particular course?

    Mandated Courses It does if you are a healthcare professional from CA, FL, IA, KY, MI, NV, NY, OR, TX, or WA!

Ebola Virus Disease

Free Course--Education Matters

  • The history of Ebola
  • Ebola in West Africa
  • Signs and symptoms
  • Transmission
  • Supportive therapy
  • Vaccines and therapeutics
  • Ebola in the United States

Ebola Virus Disease

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