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Course NameContact HoursPrice
About Cultural Competency in Nevada, 4 units (342)4.0$29
About Cultural Competency in Oregon (320)2.0$24
About Suicide Screening, Referral, and Imminent Harm in Washington State, 3 units (325)3.0$29
About Suicide: Washington State, 6 units6.0$49
California: Implicit Bias for Healthcare Providers (341)2.5$19
California Physical Therapy: Ethical Decisions2.0$29
Delaware: Substance Abuse, Chemical Dependency, and Drug Diversion3.0$29
Florida Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias for Home Health (335)2.0$19
Florida: Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders for Nursing Homes, Adult Day Care, and Hospice, 1 unit (336)1.0$19
Florida: Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders for Nursing Homes, Adult Day Care, and Hospice, 3 units (337)3.0$29
Florida: Specialized Alzheimer's Adult Day Care, Level One (347)3.0$29
Florida: Specialized Alzheimer's Adult Day Care, Level Two (345)4.0$29
Florida Assisted Living: Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias, Level One4.0$29
Florida: Domestic Violence (344)2.0$19
Florida: HIV / AIDS, 1 unit *NEW*1.0$10
Florida: HIV / AIDS, 3 units *NEW*3.0$29
Florida: Human Trafficking2.0$19
Florida: Human Trafficking for PTs and PTAs2.0$19
Florida: Impairment in the Workplace2.0$19
Florida: Laws and Rules of Nursing2.0$19
Florida: Preventing Medical Errors 2.0$19
Florida: Preventing Medical Errors for PTs and PTAs2.0$19
Illinois: Sexual Harassment1.0$12
Kentucky: Domestic Violence3.0$29
Kentucky: Implicit (Unconscious) Bias *NEW*1.5$19
Kentucky: Shaken Baby Syndrome2.5$25
Kentucky: Suicide Prevention, 2 units *NEW*2.0$19
Massachusetts: Alzheimer's Disease and Related Dementias3.0$29
Michigan: Human Trafficking Today2.0$19
Michigan: Implicit (Unconscious) Bias *NEW*3.0$29
Michigan: Pain and Its Management3.0$29
Nevada: Biological Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction4.0$29
New Jersey: Abuse of Prescription Opioids, 1 unit1.0$10
New York: Child Abuse and Maltreatment/Neglect for Mandated Reporters (348)2.0$19
New York: Infection Control and Prevention, including Sepsis5.0$29
Oregon: Pain, Healthcare's Persistent Challenge, 6 units6.0$35
Pennsylvania: Child Abuse Renewal: Recognition and Reporting, 2 units2.0$29
Pennsylvania: Child Abuse, Recognition and Reporting for Mandated Reporters, 3 units3.0$29
Rhode Island: Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders, 1 unit1.0$10
Rhode Island: Substance Abuse 2.0$15
Texas: Geriatric Care 2.0$19
Texas: Jurisprudence and Ethics for Nurses2.0$19
Washington State: HIV and AIDS, 4 units4.0$29
Washington: HIV/AIDS, 7 units7.0$39
West Virginia: Best Practices Prescribing Controlled Substances and Preventing Drug Diversion, 3 units3.0$29
West Virginia: Diversion of Drugs, 1 unit1.0$19
West Virginia: Mental Health Care of American Veterans and Their Families2.0$19
West Virginia: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder2.0$19
West Virginia: Sexual Trauma in the Military3.0$29