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Travelers Conference 2016: Session Two, Tuesday

Tracey Long, RN, PhD, MS, MSN, CDE, CNE, CHUC, COI, CCRN

Tracey is a registered nurse who has worked in critical care, telemetry, and primary care for almost 30 years. She developed health education and diabetes programs in Spanish for local hospitals in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she now resides. Tracey earned a double bachelor’s degree in Nursing Science and Spanish from Brigham Young University, a master’s degree in Public Health Education at California College of Health Sciences, and an MSN in Nursing Education at UNLV. She completed her PhD in Nursing Education and Leadership. Tracey has served on the nursing faculty at the College of Southern Nevada and at Nevada State College. She has been a health-welfare missionary in Colombia and works with International Service Learning, taking nurses and students to Belize, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica and other developing countries, where they offer medical clinics to rural communities. Her research interests are international health and nursing, simulation, cultural competency training, measuring effectiveness in education, and diabetes education. She served on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing for the National Nursing Simulation Study Team.

As a freelance speaker Tracey earned the Educator of Excellence Award, and has been an invited keynote speaker for nursing school graduations, nursing career fairs, nursing webinars, and genealogy seminars. She has written three children’s health books as well as Climbing Family Trees: Whispers in the Leaves about researching genealogy. She married her college sweetheart and they have their own Brady Bunch of six kids, who teach her what’s really important in life! 



Terry Merlin, RN CEO/CNO

Terry’s clinical experience began in medical surgical nursing, soon after graduating from nursing school in 1992. In addition to his staffing and hospital management experience, he has an extensive background in critical care nursing and emergency nursing. In 2014, he left the bedside to focus all of his time and effort on growing and expanding the healthcare staffing business. Terry serves as the president and Chief Nursing Officer for The Merlin Healthcare Group, Inc., a per diem and travel nurse staffing business based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Mr. Merlin has held positions of increasing responsibility in both a hospital setting and in the healthcare staffing industry, meanwhile enjoying a successful career in the acquisition and business development aspects of the industries.

Laura Latimer, MOT

Laura is an occupational therapist who has been working as a traveler for over 5 years. She started to highlight great recruiters, companies, and travelers. As she traveled she saw the need for solid, trusted recommendations of recruiters, as well as actionable guides and resources to use. The part of her that loves to help and create value in this world thought, “Why not me! I'll create this for our industry”.

Joseph Smith, RT, EA

Joseph finished degrees in accounting and respiratory therapy, and worked as a travel respiratory therapist before founding TravelTax and TravelTax Canada, a tax practice catering to the travel healthcare professional and mobile professionals in other staffing segments. TravelTax is well known in the healthcare staffing industry and serves a substantial client base of domestic and international mobile professionals, and their staffing agencies. His firm prepares U.S. and Canadian returns and represents clients before the IRS, Canadian Revenue Agency, and State tax agencies in audits, tax controversies, and litigation support.

Cynthia Kinnas, BA

Cynthia has been involved in the healthcare travel industry for almost 30 years. She started out as a recruiter and then co-founded Clinical One, the predecessor of Randstad Healthcare. She served as president of Randstad and also served on the editorial board of Healthcare Traveler magazine. In her role as founding board member and president of the National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations, Cynthia was instrumental in creating the first travel nursing annual benchmarking report.

Tracy Singh, RN, JD

Tracy is a nurse-attorney who has dedicated her practice to representing healthcare providers by protecting and defending their professional licenses against board complaints, application/renewal denials, and other disciplinary actions throughout the state of Nevada. Tracy began her career as a registered nurse in Las Vegas where she held many positions including caring for children with AIDs as a home health nurse, working as a medical-surgical staff nurse and as charge nurse, and then as the nurse manager and surgical nurse-liaison for a cardiovascular surgical practice in Southern Nevada. Tracy has served as president of the Nevada Nurses Association, member of the Committee on Bylaws and delegate for the American Nurses Association, and as board and committee member for several healthcare education organizations. Tracy is also a member of the American Association of Nurse Attorneys, the American Bar Association, Nevada Justice Association and the Nevada Bar Association.  

Thaddeus Dufelmeier RN, CCWP

Thad is a healthcare workforce and quality management expert. He spent 15 years at the bedside caring for patients in the ICU at UCLA, Kaiser “Sunset”, Good Samaritan, and Olympia Hospital, while also serving in clinical and strategic leadership positions for healthcare staffing organizations. As the CEO of TD and Associates, he provides clinical oversight for over 900 temporary healthcare practitioners that include physicians, APRNs, RNs, allied personnel, and nursing assistants. As clinical liaison/director of nursing for 16 healthcare staffing organizations, he manages relationships with clinical leaders for 500+ healthcare facilities nationwide. 

Melissa Knybel, BSN, RN

Melissa has over 15 years of experience in the medical staffing industry and over 10 years of clinical nursing experience. Prior to joining Randstad Healthcare, she worked as an RN in a variety of settings including a level one trauma center, a community hospital setting, and as an instructor for an associates degree RN program. Melissa is currently the vice president of Operations at Randstad Healthcare where she oversees administration, quality assurance, and housing. Melissa also oversees technology development and improvement projects, has accountability for company compliance programs, works with the legal and risk departments to investigate medical malpractice claims, and acts as a liaison to human resources on legal personnel issues.

Landon Graham James, RN, BSN, MA, CEN, PCP

Landon began his career as an ER nurse and has volunteered with the St. John Ambulance brigade. He helped the Coastal Health Service attain its Trauma Association of Canada Accreditation in 2003. He has been a leader in providing education to ER nurses throughout British Columbia and the Northwest Territories in previously underserved communities. In 2004, he began volunteering with the National Emergency Nurses Affiliation (NENA) of Canada on the education subcommittee, which provides educational offerings to emergency nurses. He served as president of NENA from 2009-2011.

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Course Summary

This session will cover a variety of topics including understanding your pay rate, how to negotiate a healthcare travel contract, medical Spanish, nurse burnout, healthcare traveler leadership and transformation, successful management of a new healthcare travel assignment, PBDS pearls, legal issues related to license protection from a healthcare traveler's perspective, healthcare travel assignments outside the hospital and in international locations, understanding tax homes, and healthcare agency audits.

ATrain Education, Inc. is an approved provider by the American Occupational Therapy Association. The following course information applies to occupational therapy professionals:

  • Target Audience: Occupational Therapists, OTAs
  • Instructional Level: Introductory
  • Content Focus: Category 3: Professional Issues, Legal, Legislative, Regulatory, and Reimbursement Issues; Contemporary Issues and Trends

Criteria for Successful Completion

80% or higher on the post test, a completed evaluation form, and payment where required. No partial credit will be awarded.

Conflict of Interest/Commercial Support

Conflict of Interest/Commercial Support

The planners and authors of this learning activity have declared no conflicts of interest, vested interest, or financial relationship that may influence the content of this activity. All information is provided fairly and without bias.

ATrain Education, Inc. received no outside financial or commercial support in the preparation, presentation or implementation of this learning activity and has no affiliation with any company whose products or services are mentioned in this activity.

Accreditation Information

Objectives: When you finish this course you will be able to:

  • Identify three factors that affect your overall pay package as a healthcare travel professional.
  • Relate three communication best-practices when a healthcare traveler is working with more than one healthcare travel agency.
  • Describe three cultural and language considerations when working with Spanish-speaking clients with limited English.
  • Discuss three strategies a healthcare traveler can use to mitigate or eliminate stress and burnout.
  • Relate four communication styles and strategies for adjusting your communication style to fit the dominant style of a travel assignment.
  • Understand the PBDS competency testing tool, its intended purpose, and how it is administered to traveling healthcare professionals.
  • Identify three guidelines for success when navigating a challenging healthcare travel assignment.
  • List four ways to protect your professional license from a healthcare traveler's perspective.
  • Describe three practice opportunities for healthcare travelers outside the hospital setting.
  • Describe how a traveler cancellation impacts a healthcare facility and patient care.
  • Understand the legal implications of a tax home for healthcare travelers working outside their state of residence.

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