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When do I pay for my course?
  • Study the course material first (all courses are open to the public and can be accessed without logging in). When you finish studying the course material, login or register, the proceed to the quiz. Once you pass the quiz (you can take it as many times as needed to reach a score of 80% or more), complete the course evaluation, then register and pay. 
Can I take the test online, then call you to make my payment?
  • Yes. Take the test online, then call us at 707 459-3475 (9-5 Pacific Time) to make your payment. When we have processed your payment, you will be able to print your certificate or have us send it to you by U.S. mail.
Can I pay by mail?
  • Yes, use the PDF icon to print a copy of the course, quiz, evaluation, registration, and payment forms. Send the completed forms, test, and payment to the address provided. You can pay by check, money order, or credit card. When we receive your quiz, registration, evaluation, and payment we'll grade the quiz, process your payment, and send a certificate of completion via email or U.S. mail, whichever you prefer.
Can I print out the course, complete the test on paper, and return to your website to have my test graded?
  • By all means! We encourage you to use the computer to grade your test. If you miss any questions, the computer will let you know which question you missed. You can review the course material and try the quiz question again. 
Can I take the quiz more than once?
  • Yes, you can take the quiz as many times as needed to reach a score of 80% or higher.
Do you report to CE Broker?
  • Yes, we automatically report course completions to CE Broker. Please make sure you enter your license exactly as requested on your account profile page.
Are you accredited?
How do I get another copy of my certificate?
  • Go to our home page, log in using your password and email, then follow the instructions for printing a certificate.
Do you report my courses to my state board?
  • No, except for Pennsylvania Child Abuse and the states that require reporting via the CE Broker system, we are not required to report course completions to state boards.
I don't see my profession listed on your accreditation page. Can I take your courses for credit?
  • It depends on your profession. If you're not sure, give us a call at 707 459-3475 (Pacific Time) or contact us. We'll do our best to help. Ultimately it's your responsibility to determine whether the CE courses you take will be accepted by your state board. 
Can you set up an account for my employees?
  • Yes, we will gladly set up an account for your employees, then bill you when they've completed the required courses. Please call us for more information: 707 459-3475 (Pacific Time) or contact us.
If I don't have time to complete the entire post test, can I save my answers and come back later?
  • Yes, when you log in before taking the quiz, a session is started. The computer will save your answers in case you want to stop and come back later.
What if I need a refund?
  • Upon request ATrain Education will refund your payment for a course. No questions asked. Once we issue a refund, your certificate of completion will no longer be valid.