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Nursing Home Care May Lag when It Comes to Medicare Dollars

The trouble is that nursing homes aren't really staffed to deal with people with complex medical issues, either short-term rehab or long-term residents--especially if the patients are discharged from acute care before they are really medically stable. This article does a nice job of explaining what's going on in nursing homes today. Not surprisingly, the nursing home industry claims that all this shake-up is improving care overall. This New York Times article by Katie Thomas called In Race for Medicare Dollars, Nursing Home Care May Lag provides a good overview of how nursing homes are working to attract short-term rehab patients, despite being unable to provide the care needed for complex, sub-acute patients.

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Increase in recent years in the population

It reiterates the increase in recent years in the population of older adults, a fact that has an impact on the increasingly higher number of people living in nursing homes, places that usually depend on the state and whose characteristics, both material and its infrastructure in terms of specialized personnel to serve the people who live there, leaves much to be desired. This last aspect is the cardinal point of this work, since caregivers, whether nurses, psychologists, doctors, social workers, among others.

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