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This course is approved by Pennsylvania Department of Human Services and the Pennsylvania Department of State, Bureau of Professional and Occupational Affairs. It fulfills the 2-unit renewal requirement for training in child abuse recognition and reporting for mandated reporters under Act 31. PA CE Provider #CACE000044; Program #CAPR000042; CE Course #ATE10002.

Course completions are reported to the PA Department of State within 24 hours.

   Fran Laughton, RN, PHN, MSN, FNP
   Lauren Robertson, BA, MPT
   Susan Walters Schmid, PhD

Contact hours: 2
Expiration date: April 1, 2022
Course price: $29

Course Summary

This course is for healthcare providers and other professionals in Pennsylvania who are mandated to report suspected child abuse. It begins with historical information about child abuse recognition in the United States and continues with a description of child welfare and child protective services in Pennsylvania. Child abuse is defined, along with its components and categories. New regulations related to human trafficking are included. The reporting process is described, as well as responsibilities of mandated reporters, permissive reporters, reasonable cause, and penalties for failing to report. The course describes indicators of child abuse. It concludes with information about the prevention of child abuse.

The following course information applies to occupational therapy professionals:

  • Target Audience: Occupational Therapists, OTAs
  • Instructional Level: Introductory
  • Content Focus: Category 1—Domain of OT, Client Factors
    Category 3—Professional Issues, Legal, Legislative, and Regulatory Issues

Criteria for Successful Completion

Study the course material, achieve a score of 80% or higher on the post test (the post test can be repeated if a learner scores less than 80%), complete the course evaluation, and pay where required. No partial credit will be awarded.


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Course Objectives

When you finish this course you will be able to:

  1. Describe two differences between child protective services and general protective services in Pennsylvania.
  2. State the components of child abuse.
  3. Describe two types of human trafficking.
  4. State the categories of child abuse under Pennsylvania law.
  5. Identify two responsibilities each for mandated and permissive reporters.
  6. Define reasonable cause as it relates to the reporting of child abuse.
  7. Relate two indicators each of child abuse.
  8. Describe five protective factors that have been linked to a lower incidence of child abuse and neglect.