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OH: Standards of Nursing Practice, 1 contact hour

Module 8

Concluding Remarks

Nurse Practice Acts delineate the laws and rules that regulate nursing. They are enacted by the legislatures of every state and territory of the United States. The Ohio Nurse Practice Act ensures the health and safety of the people of Ohio by establishing guidelines for nurses who practice in the state and is contained in Chapter 4723 of the Ohio Revised Code. The Ohio Administrative Code expands on and fills out this law with additional rules regarding nursing practice.

The guidelines for RN and LPN practice are contained within the Ohio Nurse Practice Act. Nurses in Ohio provide nursing care based on specialized knowledge, judgment, and skill that have been gained from the principles of biological, physical, behavioral, social, and nursing sciences.

An RN is authorized to engage in all aspects of nursing practice. It is the RN who determines the data to be collected in order to assess the client’s health status and the nursing care that should be provided to the client. The LPN has a dependent role and may provide nursing care only at the direction of a registered nurse, licensed physician, dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, or chiropractor.

Ohio RNs and LPNs are accountable for knowing the laws and rules of the Ohio Nurse Practice Act that govern and define their own scopes of practice.

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