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6. Conclusion

I think people became more aware that it's a widespread thing. I mean women always knew it to be a widespread thing but I think men became more aware that it’s happening around them. That men who haven’t harassed anybody didn't know that others were harassing.

Software engineer, 30+, IT
(Keplinger et al., 2019)

The State of Illinois has a compelling interest in securing individuals’ freedom from unlawful discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment is unwelcome or unwanted sexual conduct that is either very serious or occurs frequently. The harasser may be another employee, a supervisor, the company owner, or even a customer. The harasser may be male or female or two of the same sex. The sexual conduct can be verbal, physical, in writing, or in pictures. Illegal sexual harassment creates a hostile or intimidating workplace and interferes with an employee’s job performance.

Under Illinois law, if you have been sexually harassed or witnessed sexual harassment, you have the right to tell the harasser to stop and you have the right to report it. This unlawful conduct should not be ignored or tolerated. Sexual harassment is against the law.