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Fentanyl: Scourge of the Opioids

A photo of a small bag of powered fentanyl.


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Author: Tracey Long, RN, PhD, APRN

Contact hours: 2
Expiration date: September 1, 2024
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Course Summary

The opioid epidemic, labeled the most serious national issue of our time, has worsened with fentanyl. As a healthcare professional, you have a role in our nation’s fatal opioid epidemic. From those who prescribe to those who administer fentanyl, everyone plays a part in helping or hurting those seeking opioids for pain relief. This course will discuss the causes, definitions of use and abuse, pharmacodynamics, and prevention and treatment strategies for this serious issue in healthcare.

The following course information applies to occupational therapy professionals:

  • Target Audience: Occupational Therapists, OTAs
  • Instructional Level: Intermediate
  • Content Focus: Category 1—Domain of OT, Client Factors

Criteria for Successful Completion

Study the course material, achieve a score of 80% or higher on the post test (the post test can be repeated if a learner scores less than 80%), complete the course evaluation, and pay where required. No partial credit will be awarded.


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Course Objectives

When you finish this course you will be able to:

  1. State at least 3 other names for fentanyl.
  2. Explain the proper clinical use for fentanyl for pain relief.
  3. Name 3 clinical symptoms of fentanyl overdose.
  4. Explain the 3 stages from use to dependence to addiction of fentanyl.
  5. Describe the 2 common emergency medications for fentanyl overdose.
  6. Explain 3 treatment strategies for recovery from abuse.