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5. Role of the Healthcare Professional

It is the duty of the healthcare professional to ask nonjudgmental assessment questions about CBD and cannabis product use, provide unbiased information and help guide them to use it wisely. Physicians currently cannot write a prescription, however the better informed they are can help improve adherence to healthy living behaviors.

Important conclusions about this topic about CBD product use in medicine includes the following:

  • Be open and non-judgmental in the dialogue with patients.
  • Explain that driving and operating heavy machinery should not be done under the influence of any cannabis product.
  • Be aware of the legal issues in your state.
  • Provide access to legitimate and fair websites.
  • Provide information about drug to plant interactions, side effects, and risks of addiction.
  • Explain the reasons for getting a medical marijuana card.
  • Educate patients about recreational marijuana use.
  • Set goals and safety guidelines for the use of CBD products.
  • Consider a treatment agreement.
  • Remember that cannabis is illegal on a federal level.

Apply Your Knowledge

Has your opinion of CBD use changed? What issues must be addressed for patients taking CBD products?