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▶︎ Part 1: Sabin-Aspen Vaccine Science & Policy Group Report

Getting Back on Track: Restoring Vaccine Confidence and Confirming Vaccination as a Social Norm

Anthony Fauci receiving a COVID vaccine.

Source: NIH

Vaccination, a keystone of public health throughout the world, faces a growing challenge of confidence. Parents and caregivers in many countries have doubts about the safety or value of vaccination (Facciolà et al., 2019), and in some communities this breakdown in trust has resulted in vaccine rejection and delays that leave large groups of children vulnerable to sickness and death from vaccine-preventable illnesses. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines vaccine hesitancy as a “delay in acceptance or refusal of vaccines despite availability of vaccination services” (WHO, 2014) and in 2019 declared it one of 10 threats to global health (WHO, 2019d).

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