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10. Never, Ever Shake a Baby

Recognizing, diagnosing, treating, and ultimately preventing pediatric abusive head trauma and shaken baby syndrome are urgent public health goals. Educating parents and caregivers and providing them with the tools and support to understand when infant crying is normal and when it is something more is the key to preventing frustrated reactions that may lead to abuse.

For those who have regular contact with infants and their parents or caregivers, understanding risk factors is critical. For healthcare providers, knowledge of the latest science about abusive head trauma will guide assessments and diagnoses.

Public health workers, teachers, and others who work with infants and children have the opportunity to educate parents and caregivers about child abuse. They are critical frontline workers who can intervene to protect vulnerable infants when they see signs of potential child abuse.

No matter your occupation or responsibilities, whether you are a parent, a caregiver, a community member, or a healthcare provider, the message is clear and simple:

Never, ever, shake a baby!

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